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Help Topic: Rules

  • General Rules

  • General Rules
    Rule Number Description
    #1 We recommend that you keep your posts relevant to the forum in which you are currently in. Try to make your posts informative and/or entertaining. Please show some relevance.
    #2 No stalking or persistent harassment of an individual or group of individuals against their wishes. If someone asks you to stop, please leave them alone. Continued harassment will result in punishment.
    #3 No overly abusive language. We have a very loose policy regarding language, but please try to be civil and courteous of others. If your post are excessively vulgar, insulting, explicit, self-deprecating or racial, without any justification of any kind as of why, we will promptly delete it and you may face possible penalization.
    #4 We do not endorse illegal activities, any illegal software or content isn't to be hosted on SCF.
    #5 When commenting and/or reviewing content, please try to be constructive in your criticism or praise. If your comments are found to be excessively insulting or vulgar, your account may be penalized.
    #6 Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child and/or minor is not permitted. Submitting any content or utilizing language or terms meant to imply or insinuate these situations may result in a warning, permanent ban or other form of punishment depending on the context of their use.
    #7 Racism nor homophobic behaviour is not allowed and never will be.
    #8 Snapchat usernames must be non selling accounts.
    #9 Posting dumps including credit card information, posts that include links to credit card information, or discussing the illicit use of stolen credit cards is not allowed under any circumstances.
    #10 Discussion of identity theft is not permitted. The posting of personal information of other people with the intention of identity theft or unlawful impersonation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: doxes, IP addresses, home addresses and personal social networking accounts.
    #11 Any Child Pornography you will be reported and banned and your IP saved.
    #12 Doxing and RATing within SCF is strictly prohibited, and will result in immediate and severe penalties. This includes the posting of any pictures of other users.
    #13 Advertising another Forum or Website is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to): threads, user title, username and signature.
    #14 Users will NOT attempt to impersonate Staff Members in any way.
    #15 If a user is banned, he will be removed from all user groups, including VIP. If the banned user owns a user group, the group will most likely be disbanded. The user will receive refunds for neither user group subscriptions nor purchased user groups. In the event that the user group is not disbanded, it will be given to the user deemed most deserving by the SCF staff.
    #16 There will be no asking to become a Staff member, this also includes suggestions or "votes". Staff members will either be picked as of when needed, or Staff applications may be opened when a new Staff member is required.
    #17 Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any user found to have multiple accounts will have their accounts merged, Rank removed and possibly banned.
    #18 On threads that are any replies that are low-quality and have a sole purpose to only get adds will be considered spam.
    #19 Excessive flaming is not allowed.
    #20 Flaming Staff Members in any way will not be tolerated and is punishable.
    #21 Assisting banned members in ANY way, is punishable.
    #22 You are not to use anything but your real computer and IP address to connect to SCF. Use of VPN's or "proxies" are prohibited.
    #23 Reporting posts without good reason can result in penalties.
    #24 Do not harass or threaten staff members. You will be banned.
    #25 PMing Administration with useless nonsense will not be tolerated.
    #26 Being a low quality member or a leecher will result in a permanent ban and loss of upgraded perks.
    #27 No Fake accounts.
    #28 Trying to sneakily get around any or every of these rules is severly punishable with a ban.
    #29 No Selling. Unless you're VIP!.
    #30 Bug abusing or trying to take donations for stupid shit in any way will come with punishments.

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